Vincent Jaquet Chiffelle

The Gallery

The gallery is currently in development and will be published soon.

Who am I?

I am a painter that has studied mathematics.
I am a scientist devoted to art.

I admire Camus, Mbougar Sarr, Ramanujan and Adichie.
I believe in demarchy, the power of ideas, equity.

I enjoy rap, early morning swims and coffee.
I learn about, observe and experience actions around me:
All are human, not all humane.

It is within this great human spectrum that I find my inspiration.
From the dimples of a smile to the horrors of racism,
From the beauty of algebra to the contact of skin,
From the thrill of the forbidden to a nice cool beer.

Sometimes, I paint in underwear while dancing to techno.

Who am I? The above.

Amongst other, perhaps more important things.